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Mobile Presentation Island


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The Mobile Presentation Island

The idea behind developing the Mobile Presentation Island came from the numerous presentation islands made from foldable crates or pallets. These are usually wrapped in foil, not very nice to look at and require a lot of time and effort to be set up and dismantled. We simply wanted to offer a piece of presentation furniture which is attractive, modular, flexible, easy to set up and dismantle and is also cheap.

The result is more than just a replacement of existing islands!

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The Eye-Catcher is the fruit of a close collaboration between Pack’nlog, the Austrian food retail chain SPAR, the German trade group Markant and the German pallet manufacturer CABKA_IPS. The Eye-Catcher is an innovative shelf device which can be used in connection with fruit and vegetable crates, reduces fruit and vegetable spoilage by 30 % and makes shelf handling considerably easier. For more information, go to You can also watch the product video at CABKA Eye-Catcher.


Twistlock Box

The Twistlock Box emerged from development cooperation with the German pallet manufacturer CABKA_IPS. The “Twistlock“ is a new “active locking system“ for foldable crates, is easy to handle and can be folded and set up again in next to no time. The new, sturdy Twistlock Box is a marvel in the truest sense of the word regarding its dimensions. It boasts an optimal holding capacity when set up and can be folded and reduced to a small volume. This makes transport, storage and handling considerably cheaper. You can find a presentation on the Twistlock Box at – Presentation Twistlock Box.